Sorry, we do not sell sperm on Co-ParentMatch.com. The idea of this website is that you search for a sperm donor or recipient online and then meet your match in person to arrange your chosen method of insemination. You can choose from home insemination (kits available in our shop) to artificial insemination at a clinic (IVF, IUI etc...).

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If you are choosing home insemination you must ensure as the donor you produce up-to-date health screening tests to ensure you are disease free and tested for fertility levels to ensure your sperm can achieve pregnancy. You may also wish to read our fertility law section.
If you select artificial insemination at a clinic the donor needs to physically go to the clinic to make a deposit and have the sperm stored and treated. Some clinics will ship sperm between themselves so if you live in another city/country it may be possible to have treatment elsewhere. 
It's free to search for a match and add your own profile. At the point where you find a member(s) you wish to correspond with you will need to upgrade in order to send and receive messages. This means that if you do not find a match there is no fee to pay. 
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