About Co-ParentMatch

How was Co-ParentMatch.com created?

Co-ParentMatch.com was founded back in 2006 by a UK lesbian couple searching for a co-parent. With little option out there but expensive sperm banks and unregulated forum sites Co-ParentMatch.com was born. The site now offers a regulated environment for singles and couples of any sexuality, nationality or ethnicity to meet their potential parenting partner before embarking on such an important and exciting step in your life.

Leading Worldwide Network of Sperm Donors & Co-Parents

Co-ParentMatch.com is a social networking site for people who wish to meet either a co-parent, sperm donor or sperm recipient.

If you are looking to become a parent via sperm donation then this website enables you to register a profile and search through thousands of potential matches.

Co-ParentMatch.com is THE alternative to a sperm bank.

Our Commitment to You

We will help you to become a parent as quickly and safely as possible by matching you with other like minded individuals. We offer members a thoroughly honest and efficient customer service ensuring you feel safe and secure accessing the site. The site is regulated daily and we do our utmost to ensure that only genuine members use our services. We monitor site usage and maintain open communication networks with our members.

What is the concept of Co-ParentMatch.com?

Co-ParentMatch.com does not permit the selling or purchasing of sperm. The concept of Co-ParentMatch.com is to provide a networking site where you can choose a sperm donor, sperm recipient or co-parent via a selection process using the member’s profiles.

You would then meet your match in person and arrange your chosen method of conception. We strongly encourage all members to access a registered fertility clinic with their chosen donor or co-parent in order to become a parent. However, if you decide that home insemination is for you please read our legal and health guides carefully.

We advise all of our members to read the terms & conditions, the help & guides section and FAQ's in order to learn about the associated health and legal risks of private insemination methods.

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