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Quadruple Home Insemination Kit

A popular selling home insemination kit that offers great value.


Single Fertility Cup Home Insemination Kit

Boost your chances of becoming pregnant with the highly effective fertility cup method. This kit contains 1 Fertility Cup, 1 Syringe and 1 Specimen Cup.


Single Home Insemination Kit

First time lucky for many previous Co-ParentMatch members. This kit will enable you to have one attempt at home insemination.



Sorry, we do not sell sperm on Co-ParentMatch.com. The idea of this website is that you search for a sperm donor or recipient online and then meet your match in person to arrange your chosen method of insemination. You can choose from home insemination (kits available in our shop) to artificial insemination at a clinic (IVF, IUI etc...).


Sperm Fertility Test

Want to find out your sperm count? Is your sperm fertile? Is your sperm strong enough to become a sperm donor? Find out in the comfort of your own home with the One Step® Male Fertility Active Count Sperm Concentration Test.


Starter Home Insemination Kit

Everything you need to start you off on your journey to become pregnant by home insemination.


Super Deluxe Home Insemination Kit

If you are going to try home insemination over more than one ovulation cycle then The Super Deluxe Home Insemination Kit is a great value buy.


Triple Home Insemination Kit

Third time lucky for some! The Triple Home Insemination kit gives you three attempts at artificial insemination at home.



Our Co-ParentMatch syringes are of the highest quality. These syringes have been specifically sourced for home insemination use. The syringes allow a smooth, accurate motion along the entire length of the barrel. They offer large finger grips for secure handling and are Latex and PVC free.


Sterile Cup

Our sterile specimen cups have been specifically sourced for home insemination use and for easy collection of sperm. They are a sturdy design with a convenient screw on cap. The side of the cup is marked with easy to read 20, 40, 60, 80 and 90mil levels. There is a write on label should you wish to record any specific information.


Our home insemination kits contain everything you need to help you become pregnant at home using donor sperm.

If you have got this far and met a sperm donor or co-parent then congratulations. You will now start to think about the details involved in trying to become pregnant.  

For those of our members who choose not to access a licensed fertility clinic a method known as home insemination can be carried out.  

This successful method often suites people entering into a co-parenting or donor agreement for a number of reasons and is increasingly used by single women and lesbian couples to conceive using donor sperm.

Many women feel that insemination at home has advantages over undertaking insemination within a clinic environment as there is very little cost involved, the environment is much more relaxed, the sperm is fresh, your partner can be more involved and the success rates are higher.

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